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Attorney General Warns Against Some Heroin-Fighting Tactics

The U.S. shouldn't deal with the recent rise in heroin use the same way it dealt with the...

Democratic Fundraising Tops GOP in Key Races

Democrats are unlikely to win control of the House in the 2014 elections, but they continue to...

Obama to Unveil Job-Training Initiatives

The White House will announce $500 million in grants aimed at increasing coordination between...

Health Law Poses a Test in N.H. Senate Race

New Hampshire's rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been one of the rockiest in the nation...

No New Rules Despite West, Texas, Disaster

A year after a depot storing ammonium nitrate exploded in West, Texas, killing 15 people, safety...


Current Legislation

Sarah's Current Legislation, Committees and Bills  Education Committee Schedule  Judiciary Committee Schedule

Judiciary Committee

House Judiciary Committee hears bills ranging from tort reform to human trafficking. The committee’s responsibility is to ensure that Montana’s laws...

Education Committee

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House Education Committee hears every bill concerning education, including bills about school funding, sports, and homeschooling. Parents, Teachers...


Posted by Sarah Laszloffy on Dec 30, 2013

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