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South Dakota Senate Race Gets Spirited

A South Dakota Senate race that was seen as an easy pickup for Republicans has become surprisingly...

Party Preparations: Senate Maneuvering Begins

With Republicans looking increasingly likely to take control of the Senate, lawmakers on both sides...

Judges Question Use of Conspiracy Charges for Terror Suspects

A federal appeals court Wednesday cast doubt on the government’s post-Sept. 11 effort to prosecute...

U.S. Goals Shift in Fight for Kobani

Top U.S. officials concluded the Syrian city of Kobani had become too symbolically important to...

GOP Works to Improve Targeting of Voters

The Republican National Committee hired a tech guru to develop a unified information hub but will...


Current Legislation

Sarah's Current Legislation, Committees and Bills  Education Committee Schedule  Judiciary Committee Schedule

Judiciary Committee

House Judiciary Committee hears bills ranging from tort reform to human trafficking. The committee’s responsibility is to ensure that Montana’s laws...

Education Committee

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House Education Committee hears every bill concerning education, including bills about school funding, sports, and homeschooling. Parents, Teachers...


Posted by Sarah Laszloffy on Dec 30, 2013

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