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Obama, Abe Deliver Common Message

U.S. President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emerged from talks with a...

E-Cigarettes Face First Regulations

The FDA plans Thursday to impose the first federal regulations on electronic cigarettes, eventually...

FCC Rules Would Allow Preferred Web Traffic

Regulators are proposing new rules on Internet traffic that would allow broadband providers to...

Vermont to Enact GMO Food-Labeling Law

VThe movement against genetically modified crops scored a signal victory Wednesday, as the Vermont...

Black Lung Spurs New Coal-Mine Rules

The Labor Department announced tougher rules designed to fight an uptick in black lung disease in...


Current Legislation

Sarah's Current Legislation, Committees and Bills  Education Committee Schedule  Judiciary Committee Schedule

Judiciary Committee

House Judiciary Committee hears bills ranging from tort reform to human trafficking. The committee’s responsibility is to ensure that Montana’s laws...

Education Committee

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House Education Committee hears every bill concerning education, including bills about school funding, sports, and homeschooling. Parents, Teachers...


Posted by Sarah Laszloffy on Dec 30, 2013

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 Welcome and thanks for visiting the new site! We will be posting more blog content shortly, so...

Montana Legislature Tweets:

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