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Natural Resources

Sustainable and environmentally responsible development of natural resources is key to jobs and economic growth. Montana has large potential in wind, coal, natural gas, oil and bio-diesel.

Property Rights

A strong economy relies upon the right of individuals to own, use and transfer real property. Protecting these rights is fundamental to freedom and economic growth.

Pro Life

All life is precious and must be protected form conception until natural death.

Gun Rights

We need to protect the rights of Montanan's to own guns, and increase access for hunting and fishing on public land. I am a proud member of the NRA.

Create Jobs

Promoting job growth requires a more favorable business climate. Reduce the business equipment tax, re-form workers compensation, and empower individuals and small businesses.

State Budget

The structurally unbalanced state budget is the biggest issue in 2013. We must live within our means, without reaising taxes and re-prioritize state spending.


Education holds the largest portion of the state budget. With a 20% drop-out rate and a 30% remediation rate, we can do better. We need more accountability and more choices like charter schools.

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